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NU9N SSB Audio News Editorial - June, 2003


About NU9NUnder the "Freedom Of Information Act", the FCC was required to produce all and any information upon request, regarding the petitions and petitioners that resulted in the advisory notices sent by Riley Hollingsworth in April, 2003. The requested report reveals all incidents and correspondence that led to Riley Hollingsworth's action. This information is available to the general public under the "Freedom of Information" act.

In the original letter sent to me and four others, Riley Hollingsworth stated that: "The Commission has received numerous complaints" and "The many complaints the FCC has been getting ("20 or so per week" as stated by an E-ham article) leads to the conclusion that the stations' enhanced SSB operation is having 'a negative impact' on the Amateur Service"

The "numerous complaints" and "20 or so a week" in reality amounts to 5 stations and ONLY five complaining stations, according to the requested documentation that contained the petitions that led to the advisory notices. Riley's language in the letter and quoted elsewhere has been gross hyperbole at best, and in my opinion, dishonest to the Amateur Radio community at worse!

The 5 complaining stations that filed the FCC petition against SSB experimentation are as follows in the order of persistence:

W0YR - Mike D. Lonneke
Mike D Lonneke
20732 FURR RD
ROUND HILL VA 20141-1803
Melvin J Ladisky
Melvin J Ladisky
CAMARILLO CA 93012-8225
W2OT - Martin J Bellingeri
Martin J Bellingeri
K2QBV - Joel H Kornreich
Joel H Kornreich
PO BOX 240
John B Sypek, Jr.
John B Sypek, Jr.

Again, these five individuals and these five individuals alone are the source of the "numerous" and "20 or so" complaints a week prior to the April mailing of the advisory notices. They must have writers cramp by now!

I find it interesting that neither W0YR or W2OT have ever approached me on the air claiming that I ever interfered with them. Perhaps I did, and didn't know it. But they never said anything to me about it.

I also find it interesting that W2OT, Martin J Bellingeri, was sited and given notice by the FCC a short time ago for playing music which is, of course, contarary to acceptable Amateur operations. Note also that it was W2OT's petition against W4NSG, Anthony, that resulted in an advisory notice that has since been retracted by Riley. A letter of apology was sent to W4NSG. Nice going Marty... I can't believe that Riley took this guy's word seriously about anything after being caught jamming stations with music!

Then we have W1MI, John B Sypek Jr.
This guy is a real class act... I know for a fact, that this individual has jammed, interfered, mocked and carried on like a 4 year old on 14.178 and other frequencies that have had SSB audio operations without ever IDing once. But a few of us have caught this individual operating normally on other frequencies where he did ID. Another real credible source!

As for W0YR, W6FDR and K2QBV, just tune-in in the mornings on 20m around 14.184 ~ 190 and listen in on their uplifting and encouraging diatribes regarding their intimate hatred for SSB audio experimentation and anyone involved in it. I guarantee it will be enough to make you want to throw up and enough to make SWLers forget about ever becoming a licensed Amateur Radio Operator.

Nice going guys! What a fine list of potential rule-making individuals representing the interests of the entire Amateur Radio community concerning bandwidth specifications... NOT !

SSB Hi-fi Audio Operations Still Under Attack!

Yet another petition has been filed by W0YR and W6FDR according to: "The AM Window Bulletin Board" and: "Amateur Radio Newsline"

To download a copy of the petition, click here.

To hear two related ARNEWSLINE broadcasts, left-click the links below:
To download and save the mp3 files, right-click the links below:

Evidently, W0YR and W6FDR have reportedly filed yet another petition to the FCC.

"An official at the FCC says the Petition for rule making was filed by W0YR ( ex W0YR ) of Round Hill, Virginia, and W6FDR of California, in direct response to their concern about what their petition describes as amateurs who 'purposefully' adjust or misadjust their transmitters to create what petitionals quote the FCC as saying is 'more bandwidth than necessary.'

Under the proposal, which has yet to receive an FCC Rulemaking (RM) number, single sideband J3E would be limited to 2.8Kc and full carrier AM to 5.6Kc.

The petition was filed May 27, 2003, and should be available for public viewing on the FCC's Electronic Comment Filing System. (not yet found)"

It's interesting to me that these individuals even have an issue at this point with current operations, since 14.178 has been devoid of all 6kHz operations for over two months now, and virtually split apart at the seams due to all of the undermining activity by the infamous complaining few who wrote Riley to begin with. And, any eSSB experimentation that has taken place in the last two months has been scarce at best, and done in the extra portion of 20m when the band is virtually unoccupied!

What is ironic here is the operating style and audio persona of both W0YR and W6FDR. Both have terrible overdriven and distorted "Tuna-Can" audio and can be heard over 8 kHz up the band (in my 2.4 kHz receiver) from their fundamental frequency via their I.M.D. and Splatter! These individuals are running full legal limit I'm sure, tons of RF speech processing, making them extremely broad. In addition to that, all I ever hear them do is gripe. I'm not sure if either one of them know how to have a civil and decent conversation without spreading their hate and discontent and ultimately infecting others like a bad virus. Oh well, this is America, land of the free, where freedom of speech is paramount to our liberties. That's why I can write this piece!

For the good of the Amateur Radio community, I wish these individuals would examine their own Amateur Radio practices for a change and just listen to themselves. I don't know how they can live with themselves, or how anyone else can for that matter.

I don't believe the commission will be convinced to change the rules anytime soon. These types of complaints and complainers have been around a long time and fortunately, the Commission has rejected all past bandwidth rule-changing petitions and suggestions. One thing is for sure, if a new 2.8 kHz SSB or 5.6 kHz AM rule ever does get implemented, I'm going to tear-up my Amateur Radio license and just go back to the CB band... If for no other reason than to get away from this kind of vindictive behavior! And it would leave us all with an important question; Just how is the role of Amateur Radio defined in the 2000's? It would certainly not have anything to do with the freedom to experiment anymore!

John M. Anning - NU9N
Phone: 1-815-631-5042
  e-Mail NU9N
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