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eSSB and SSB MP3 Station Recordings

MP3 Amateur Radio Hi-fi Recordings eSSB / SSB Off-Air Audio Montage


The purpose of this page is to demonstrate various station audio techniques in several SSB transmit passband widths, while providing a common and flat 6 kHz receiver standard for everyone! All stations represented below reflect what can be done with Single Side Band from minimum processing to complex, from simple audio rack setups to more elaborate. Plenty of variety here! There are many more stations producing fine audio than those listed below, but these are stations that I have had receiver access to, that sound better than the typical audio associated with SSB.

Listener Suggestions
It is highly recommend that you use good, flat response headphones plugged directly into your sound card output jack for the best fidelity. Some computer speaker systems will not have the sufficient fidelity to accurately reproduce many of the samples provided.

Recording Technique
All recordings were created using Cool Edit 2000 in a flat 6 kHz receiver bandwidth. The original .wav recordings were recorded mono at 16 bit, 48 or 44.1 kHz sampling, edited and normalized to 95%, then converted to standard MP3 format using a 6:1 compression ratio, 128 kbps at a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz.

Recording Criteria for the List
My recording criteria for standard SSB recordings was a reasonably well balanced, well processed sound of less than 3kHz of audio bandwidth. My criteria for eSSB recordings was an SSB transmit audio frequency response of at least 3 kHz or greater where higher fidelity is supported.
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<--------------- eSSB --------------->
2K90J3E or Less
3K00J3E ~ 3K90J3E
4K00J3E ~ 4K90J3E
5K00J3E ~ 6K00J3E +
< 3k Bandwidth
(Standard SSB)
3k ~ 3.9k Bandwidth
(eSSB Narrow)
4k ~ 4.9k Bandwidth
(eSSB Medium)
5k ~ 6k+ Bandwidth
(eSSB Wide)
IK1AUS - Luca EA3OT - Michael F4ECJ - Eric AA8VL - Chris
IK7IMK - Nick G4EKL - Tony G0TIY - John K2WS - Alan
IK7UFR - Michael GI0AIJ - Ivor K6VRG - Don K3XE - Mike
K4APO - Walter K2BLU - Zak KF9VH - Mike KA0KA - Tyler
K4DUG - Doug K2VI - Tony KG2NC - Ruben KB9YSJ - Jeff
K4QKY - Don K4AMI - Chuck KQ2U - Ossie N9TNP - Karen
K8NY - Bob K5HOT - David KZ4K - Haans NA1A - Duke
KA7GKN - Marty K6JRF - Jim N2NQM - Paul NU9N - John
KJ7E - Damon K7ER - Elliot VE7KHZ - Paul VA3FM - Steve
KK6BS - JoJo K7PE - Bob W2FLA - Sherman VE6CQ - Rick
KK7TV - Randy K9EID - Bob W2RF - Ed W3HD - Tony
WW4CQ - Robert K9TRQ - George W5GI - John W3OZ - Larry
N8RWS - Jeff KC4PE - Billy W6WM - Lee W4CO - Charles
W2IHY - Julius KD4WMW - Danny   W5JAY - Jay
  KE3EG - Joe   W9AD - Dave
  KP2NP - Neville   WB9JCF - Rich
  KV2AA - Joe   WT1H - Skip
  N0NR - Glenn   ZF1DG - Durl
  N2MGA - Jay    
  WA1OXT - Gary    
  WA2NHA - Howard    
  WA4IRE - Marc    
  WV4R - Murphy    
  WY3D - Frank    
"" info:
WAV to MP3 Conversion:
128Kbps, mono, 44.1kHz sampling, 6:1 compression = 14.995 MB
"" info:
WAV to WMA Conversion:
128Kbps, mono, 44.1kHz sampling, 6:1 compression = 15.009 MB
MP3 files last updated - June 20, 2004
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