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History About Amateur Radio Operator
NU9N, John Anning

History About Amateur Radio Operator NU9N, John Anning
and Web Site Design

Hi Fi Audio, as far back as I can remember, has been my passion. At age 7, I played with my dad's old 1 7/8 ips 1/4" open-reel tape recorder. I would ham-it-up pretending to be a disc-jockey. Then I graduated to the cassette deck, then again to a 15 ips Teac multi-track recorder and now into some limited but interesting computer based digital recording.

At age 10, my dad bought us kids some CB walkie-talkies and again I was excited, only this time, I was actually On-The-Air! As a musician and songwriter, I saw a need in 1980 to purchase an analog multi-track tape based recording system for the production of my own demo-tapes. This was great fun and very rewarding. My recording skills were being harnessed, as well as my ear for mixing and blending tracks. I also started learning the art of post-production processing such as EQing, Compressing, adding effects, etc... In 1982, I bought my fist real CB, a President Washington. I was hooked!

It wasn't until 1987 that I tested for my amateur novice license. Within a month, I made Extra class and never looked back to CB. I still continued to produce my music, but Ham Radio split my hobby interests in two.

In 1988, my Dad encouraged me to buy a PC Compatible computer. I did, and again, I was hooked! My music/recordings and Ham radio were on hold while I was discovering the art of computing. I was active on the 2 meter band running a full service packet BBS, but that was about it.

One day in 1996, I was tuning across the 20 meter band and heard this guy talking. I thought "whoops, I must have accidentally landed on an AM broadcast memory in my radio." When I realized that it was SSB, I was simply amazed that anyone could produce audio of this caliber! This was my first exposure to 14.178 MHz. (By the way, that guy I first heard on 14.178 MHz was W2ONV) I kept hearing these guys on 14.178 playing with external audio equipment and mini-disc recording systems, "tweaking" this and "tweaking" that. Hey, this sounded like fun! My brain began storming! I loved hi-fi audio, amateur radio, recording and computers. I was hooked and the rest is pretty much history.

This web site was my first attempt at site designing and has been a learning experience. I currently hold A+, i-Net+, CIW Professional Designer and CIW Master Designer certifications.

eSSB Hi Fi audio has been a challenge and there have been many problems to solve. I hope I can assist those interested in producing their SSB hi-fi audio solve their associated problems as well, without having to go through all of the bottles of Extra Strength Excederin that I went through. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.


-John (NU9N)
NU9N eSSB / AM Station Equipment and Configuration:


Microphone Preamp:

Audio Processing:
Multi-Band Processing:
Peak Limiter:

Effects Processor:

Mixer / Splitter:

Audio Transformers:

Power Supply



Antenna Tuner:

Ant 10/15/20 meters:
Ant 10~160 meters:
Ant 10~80 meters:



RF Analysis:

Linearity Analysis

Computer Stuff:

Video Hardware:


Audio Hardware:


Misc Software:

Receiver Audio


Misc Hardware:

Shure SM7 dynamic - original version (circa 1987)

Fredenstien V.A.S. solid state mic pre utilizing an OPA2 op-amp, matching input transistors, and an American made steel core output transformer

Behringer DEQ2496 with mods
Behringer DEQ-2496 Ultra-Curve Pro (PEQ)
Behringer DEQ-2496 Ultra-Curve Pro (DYN-COMP)
Behringer DEQ-2496 Ultra-Curve Pro (DEQ)
Behringer DEQ-2496 Ultra-Curve Pro (DYN)

Behringer DSP2024P Virtualizer Pro (Sidechained)

Modified Behringer MX 882 Ultralink Pro with AD823 Op-Amp replacements, ground bus improvements, capacitor replacements, and rectifier mods.

Jensen Iso-Max CI-1RR, Jensen Iso-Max PI-XR,
Jensen JT-11p-1, Jensen Iso-Max PI-2XX,
Ebtech Line Level Shifter

Astron VS-35M

Apache Labs ANAN 7000dle (Black version)
Firmware: Protocol 2 v2.1.18
Software: Thetis v2.9.0.6 x64

Ameritron AL-80A (Single Eimac 3-500Z Triode)

Palstar AT4K

Telex/HiGain TH7 Triband Yagi @ 70 ft.
265 Ft. Flat-Top Dipole @ 70Ft.
280 Ft. Delta Loop @ 65Ft height.

Thetis v2.9.0.6 software internal wave recorder
32 Bit IEEE Floats direct from receiver output audio

PC-Based - Spectra Plus v5

Thetis v2.9.0.6 software (PanFall display)

CleanRF Technologies RF-D (RF-Demodulator)
CleanRF Technologies RF-S (RF-Sampler)
Tektronix 2215 60MHz Oscilloscope Monitor

HP Envy Computer - 9th Generation
Intel Core i5-9400 2.90 GHz (6 cores)
1TB solid state drive & 16GB DDR4 Ram
OS: Windows 11 64bit ver 21H2

Asus GeForce GT 1030 with 2GB onboard Ram

Acer R240HY bidx 23.8-Inch IPS HDMI 1920x1080

Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme 24bit / 96kHz Sampling

IBM Model-M 1391401 (1989 Buckling Spring)

iAdobe Audition 3.0 / Spectra Plus v5

Sherwood RX-4010R 60W/ch Stereo Amplifier
THD: 0.08%, STN: 95dB, FR: 5~60kHz

Headphones: Sony MDR-7506
Speakers: Optimus STS-100 3-way

Luxo Microphone Boom

NU9N Wiring Schematic

John M. Anning - NU9N
  e-Mail NU9N
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