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Dayton Hamvention 2003 Photos


This was my first time to Dayton. Karen & I had a wonderful time meeting people and enjoying different aspects of Amateur Radio.

A special thanks to Bob Heil - K9EID, who made this experience possible...
Thanks Bob !

Hara Arena
When I arrived at Hara Arena, the sheriff was waiting...
Inside the main arena
Fortunately, they let me in if I promised not to talk about Hi-fi SSB...
...But my fingers were crossed!
Inside the arena
My eyes were focused ahead!
Icom 7800
The new ICOM "IC-7800" was publicly and proudly unveiled
Mike showing off the new "Prometheous" solid state amplifier
Mike (N8WFF) of Dishtronix presents "The Prometheous"
Me, Karen and Chris
Me, Karen and Chris (AA8VL) posing for W5GI behind the camera
Julius - W2IHY
Julius (W2IHY) and I pose for Karen on Friday morning
Julius, Bob and me
Julius (W2IHY), and Bob Heil (K9EID)
These guys are a lot of fun and just great people!
Bob at work!
Bob Heil working his magic and enjoying every minute of it
John (W5GI), Karen & Chris (AA8VL) next to the Heil Sound Booth
Bob and John
Bob (K9EID), John (W5GI) & Dennis (N0SP) in the background
Doug Smith (KF6DX) and me
Doug Smith (KF6DX) from Ten-Tec
K8YK and I had a nice chat!
Brian (K8YK) and I talked about Hi-fi SSB... What else!
A dreary day  at the flea markets
A dreary weekend for the flea markets
AA8VL - Chris
Chris (AA8VL) hamming it up
Rob (N2LG) and me
Rob (N2LG) and I talked about Hi-fi SSB... What else!
Rob and Karen
Rob (N2LG) and Karen (N9TNP)
Richard - K0XG - an old aquaintance
Richard (K0XG) an old acquaintance of mine
Dick - W1FYI
Dick (W1FYI)
Mike Sigelman (K0BUD), Bob Heil (K9EID) & Karen Anning (N9TNP)
Karen and I saying goodbye to Dayton 2003
Karen poses behind the Heil Sound "Hummer"
as we say goodbye to Dayton Hamvention 2003
John M. Anning - NU9N
Phone: 1-815-631-5042
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